iPhone 11 Pro can replace a movie camera – Internet users are looking for a hole in the whole


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The premiere of smartphones Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro already behind us. Some write that there is no craze, others believe that the Cupertino giant has just presented the best smartphones for creating all sorts of video content. Samsung in his latest ad thinks it is different, but the arguments of this company are so ridiculous that it is difficult to comment even more widely – see for yourself. Apple wanted to show that The iPhone 11 Pro is second to none in terms of video quality and shared an amazing video showing the capabilities of this device.

Many of you will say at this point "but it was already". Manufacturers more than once they were making horse consumers by presenting them samples of photos taken with not advertised smartphones, but using digital SLRs and recordings not with phones, but with the help of professional cameras. This time, however, the recording looks quite credible, see for yourself.

Wonders? You shouldn't be. Apple may have actually recorded its movie with the iPhone 11 Pro in 4K resolution, but it processed it, and a professional team worked on the set. Internet users are still protesting, speaking of deception. They raise voices that it is "Unfair". Are you sure?

Of course, you'll never get such output video by shooting iPhone 11 Pro on an amateur level – no doubt about it. However, you can achieve this effect as long as you know what you are doing and put in your work a little more effort. It should be understood that this is not the time when content creators were recording material "from the nose" and uploading anything on YouTube. Currently, most of the movies you watch have been processed in some way. Is Apple cheating then? No! The company shows us the potential of the iPhone 11 Pro camera. And that's it.

I'm not a fan of Apple products at all – on the contrary. I consider robbery selling a smartphone for PLN 3,599 with a 5 W charger in 2019, and the prices of devices from the Cupertino giant are unreal. In this case, however, I will defend the producer. We have lived to times when a smartphone can really replace not only the camera, but also the camera. Is the competition far behind in video recording issues from what Apple offers? I dare not judge.

Perhaps you are able to point to another smartphone that can be used to shoot SUCH movies?

Source: Apple, inf. own