Internet prices in the world. Where is the most expensive? How is Poland doing?


A lot has changed over the years.

In 2019, 4.5 billion people in the world already have access to the Internet, which represents 58.8% of the world's population. A lot has happened in the last two decades, because in 1999 only 4% of the world's population used the network. The situation should continue to improve gradually – even the UN in one of its resolutions recognized access to the Internet as one of the basic human rights. Is that right Judge for yourself.

In Poland, we often complain about both network access parameters and the price of internet services. Analysts from the site prove that not necessarily, even if you take into account the earnings … Price lists of 233 largest internet providers in 62 countries around the world were analyzedto answer a few bothering many questions. Where access to the network is the cheapest? In which countries is the easiest access to high-speed internet available? Is it expensive in Poland?

The analysis included offers of unlimited home internet without television and telephone. Unlimited home internet via fiber optics or other most advanced technology available in a given country was taken into account. The prices without promotion were also taken into account, only at the largest suppliers. The prices of the router rental are also added to the prices.

Research shows that global the average wired internet speed is 70 Mb / s. Citizens of 55 from 62 countries surveyed can count on access to the network at 100 Mb / s. In several countries, including Poland, operators no longer offer such "low" speed. In Singapore, the minimum tariff is … 500 Mb / s.

Where internet access is the most expensive?

This summary includes the 100 Mb / s tariff, although the 150 Mb / s tariff was included in the country where it was not available. It turned out that South African residents pay the most for 1 Mb / s – 0.79 euros. Iceland (0.63 euros) and Norway (0.62 euros) were also on the infamous (?) Podium, where high earnings strongly offset slightly higher prices than in other countries around the world. Poland with a result of only 0.07 euros per megabyte ranks among the countries with the cheapest internet in the world.

Where internet access is the most expensive

What internet can you have for 20 euros (around 86 zlotys) per month?

In Poland, as in six other countries in the world – in Hungary, India, Latvia, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine, for 20 euros you can get internet access with a maximum speed of 1 Gb / s. Philippines (only 5 Mb / s), Tajikistan (8 Mb / s) and Austria (12 Mb / s) are on the opposite pole.

What internet can you have for 20 euros

In 44 of the countries concerned, 1 Gbps internet can be used. In half of them, however, the cost exceeds 50 euros. In Austria and Australia, you must pay 199 and 209 euros per month for these connection parameters. In contrast, in Romania it costs only … 8 euros per month. In Poland, it costs 18.5 euros a month. Let's not forget about the inclusion of earnings in each country.

And how? Surprised?

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