Internet Explorer for Mac – a Microsoft employee reveals the details of his former cooperation with Apple


It wasn't colorful.

When I remember the time when accidentally clicking the "Internet" icon on my cell phone made my heart beat faster, I can't not smile. Only ten years have passed and the situation has changed to such an extent that sometimes I am surprised with the disabled data transfer. Today I would like to take you into even more remote depths of technological history. Until the time when Microsoft's collaborator – Jimmy Grewal – was delegated to work on Internet Explorer 5 for Mac.

The aforementioned man has just shared on his blog the details of cooperation with Apple and the development of the Internet Explorer service in the version for the giant system from Cupertino. Today is the twentieth anniversary of the fifth version of the Mac browser. Seat belts fastened? Well, we are moving into the past.

Internet Explorer first appeared on Macs in 1996, and debuted as the default browser two years later. Jimmy Grewal joined Microsoft for some time and was tasked with preparing IE 5 for Mac OS. It was the last version of the program for the system from Apple.

ie mac 1

"Five" was referred to as a revolutionary service, because it was "the first mainstream browser that correctly and in accordance with all applicable standards supported HTML". It was also created on a completely new engine independent of the Windows equivalent.

Interestingly, Steve Jobs was not initially pleased with how Internet Explorer 5 presents itself. Why? The program supposedly resembled the graphical interface Aqua, which was soon to debut on Mac computers. Microsoft included patches and the former head of Apple gave the green light.

According to Jimmy Grewal … Jobs has fooled Microsoft into a hoax. The Moutain View giant is in the habit of announcing the company's own products by its manager. Steve insisted, however, that he could carry out a browser demonstration himself. Microsoft agreed, seeing nothing wrong. What did Jobs do? He didn't mention a word about Internet Explorer 5 at the presentation of the new products. The only thing he showed was the Apple website displayed in … Internet Explorer 5. I guess you'd also be pissed at Microsoft, right?

The further fate of Internet Explorer is not a secret. The service was not successful and only memories and … memes remained. Anyway, this type of trivia can be interesting and often give a broader picture of history

Source: Jimmy Grewal