Intel's Clear Linux works great with AMD processors

clear linux amd

AMD recommends a competition solution.

How often does an electronics manufacturer recommend competitors' solutions? Extremely rare. Meanwhile, AMD at its press meeting on the new Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor (yes, this is with 64 cores and 128 threads), recommended the Linux distribution created by Intel as the best software available to support the efficient operation of this system. That system is Clear Linux.

Clear Linux is created by Intel with a view to ensuring the highest performance of its proprietary processors. It was hard to expect that Intel – probably by accident – will create software that works perfectly on AMD processors, or at least on systems whose capabilities have been tested on this software by Michael Larabel, the creator of the multiplatform software Phoronix Test Suite.

Michael Larabel decided to verify how a desktop computer with a new chip from the Threadripper series will work on Clear Linux, as well as a laptop with the energy-saving Ryzen 3200U. It soon became apparent that AMD processors work perfectly on this software. Threadripper 3990X did the best on Clear Linux with 24 out of 50 tests. As many as 9 different open source system distributions were taken into account.

clear linux amd threadripper

For the AMD Ryzen 3200U processor, the results were even more spectacular. This time only four Linux distributions were considered, however Clear Linux offered the best laptop performance in as many as 43 out of 55 tests (78.18%).

clear linux ryzen 3200u

Curiosity: Manjaro Linux and Fedora Workstation 31 were definitely the worst performers with Threadripper. For the first, the tested processor finished the worst for 14 out of 50 tests, and the second – as many as 10. Clear Linux never offered the worst performance among the systems in the list.

Will Intel react to these reports and change its system so as not to help competition?

You can download the Clear Linux system from our file database, in this place.

Source: Phoronix