Instagram Video Downloader


Instagram Video Downloader is a very easy to use tool for downloading photos and videos from Instagram. The application is available for free, but if we want, we can support the creators by making a donation via the official WDZSoft website.

How does Instagram Video Downloader work?

After running Instagram Video Downloader, all we have to do is copy the link from Instagram and paste it into the application to start downloading multimedia from the said social network. Instagram Video Downloader will download all photos (also in the form of entire galleries) and videos shared in a given post, saving them in the best possible format in a separate folder for each user profile on the Instagram website.

Work in batch mode

It is worth adding that downloading data via Instagram Video Downloader is quite fast, thanks to the use of multi-threaded technology used to download files. The application allows simultaneous download of materials from multiple profiles via batch mode. So we can add a few links to the main window of the program, and even export links from the list to a file to later download the media contained in them.

Download Instagram Video Downloader – its free

Instagram Video Downloader – key features:

  • download photos and videos from Instagram for free
  • just copy the link from Instagram and paste it into the program
  • saving media to separate folders for each Instagram account
  • special technology for fast data download
  • the ability to work in batch mode