Instagram: Finally, DMs can be sent from the browser

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Update needed.

Instagram is a strictly mobile service, which in its browser version lacks many functions. However, as it turns out, people using the platform on computers will soon have reason to be happy. All thanks to the announcement of quite an important update.

I am talking about a messenger that has existed until now only in the application versions for Android and iOS. If you have already used this functionality on smartphones, then its browser variant will look identical. In addition to sending standard DMs, there will be options for creating groups, liking the received message or sharing photos from the gallery. You'll also be able to enable push notifications on your desktop.

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For now, we are dealing with limited tests. It is difficult to determine the exact moment of introducing new products for all users. According to representatives of Instagram – who now receives access to functions is completely random. Internet users enjoying the update may notice in a few days that it is gone. So you have to be patient.

Facebook's goal in implementing this type of improvement is also interesting. It should not be forgotten that Mark Zuckerberg strives for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsAppa users to send messages to each other – regardless of the platform used. Who knows, maybe the feature being tested is one of the steps taken to implement the giant's social plan?

Source: The verge