In Uber, you have 45 times more chance of sexual assault than death


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Were you calm down?
Uber has never before boasted of accurate statistics about the safety offered by his transport drivers, but this moment has finally arrived. The company, which arouses significant emotions and controversies around the world, shared them in a large report on transport data that took place in 2017 and 2018 in the United States alone. There are at least some facts worth mentioning.

In 2017 alone, in cars driven by Uber drivers there were 2059 sexual assaults. This number increased sharply in 2018, when there were more drivers and more journeys. In 2018, the number of sexual assaults was already 3,045. Is this a big increase? Judge for yourself by confronting him with the fact that over just one year there were over 300 million (!) More journeys. Uber himself says that the percentage of assault per trip decreased by 16%. It is worth mentioning that passengers were victims "only" in 55% of cases, and in 45% they were portrayed as attackers.

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Different types of sexual assault on Uber vehicles Source: Uber

In 2017, calculated per 100 million miles traveled on average 0.59 people were killed. In 2018, it was already 0.57 people per 100 million trips. In total, over two years, 107 people died in Uber's vehicles in a total of 97 fatal accidents. As much as 90% of them took place in built-up areas. Uber also reports that nine people were murdered in Uber cars last year, and ten in 2018. Seven of the victims are drivers, eight are passengers, and four are accidental persons outside the vehicle.

Uber reports that in 2019 the percentage of sexual offenses will fall by 17-20% according to forecasts compared to 2018.

And how about such data? Safe form of transport or just the opposite?

Source: Uber