In the Speedtest application you will now find a free VPN

VPN Speedtest

A useful novelty.

Service is a popular tool for checking internet connection speed. The creators of the service have just expanded their mobile application with a quite useful novelty, free VPN.

There are plenty of VPN solutions on the market, but those offering good quality are usually paid. Here, I recommend reading our NordVPN review. Speedtest as part of its application on Android and iOS offers a free VPN with limit 2 GB per month. The creators ensure that the service does not save any logs, the company does not collect or sell any data about the user's online activity.

2019-12-25 225600

A VPN ensures a secure internet connection by hiding the IP address and encrypting network activity. The service is currently available in version beta, server selection is done automatically and this is a significant limitation. Therefore, we will not use Speedtest VPN to get access to content only available in your country. Certainly, the service will be developed and in the future a paid version will start giving the possibility of choosing a virtual location, like other tools of this type.

To use Speedtest VPN, simply download the latest version of the mobile application that is available on Android and iOS.