In Dying Light 2 no programs in the spring. The creators "need more time"

dying-light-2-Prime Minister

Not just Cyberpunk.

A few days ago, the CD Projekt RED studio decided to postpone the release of the game Cyberpunk 2077 for September. As it turns out, another Polish developer has just shared a similar statement. Of course, I'm talking about Techland, whose CEO – Paweł Marchewka – announced not very positive news.

Dying Light 2 is a production highly anticipated by players around the world – it was to see the light of day this spring. While in the case of Cyberpunk 2077 we have obtained a specific declaration, then Techland has put consumers before a great unknown. The creators stated that "they need more time to prepare such a huge title" without giving a new release date.

We will hear about the progress of work on Dying Light 2 in a few months. It is likely that only then developers will share their debut day with fans. However, it is difficult to get nervous with Techland's decision. It is better to wait for the finished product than to receive poorly optimized production, which will be ripped off from players and reviewers.

Everything seems to indicate that in the first half of 2020 the video games market will not welcome the AAA position from Polish developers. It remains to wait for the holiday premieres.

Source: Techland