In China, women pay men for virtual conversations

sad woman

Sad times.

It would seem that women cannot complain about the lack of adoration on the part of men. This is due to several different factors, including the one I mentioned in my own an entry about dating applications and how they are changing humanity. In the meantime, a situation is taking place in China that it is difficult to imagine its existence in Polish realities. Men's e-partner services are becoming increasingly popular in the Middle Kingdom.

The growing number of women in China is paying men to be their "virtual partners". In an interview with AFP, a 19-year-old student preparing for medical studies admits that she has already spent about 1000 yuan on this type of service, i.e. the equivalent approx. 600 zlotys. She paid only for someone on the other side of the computer or smartphone screen to be interested in her. "I have no problem spending money on keeping a man company through online conversations", she said. What is extremely interesting, the majority of women paying for fashionable services are teenagers and women aged twenty-several years.

The rising pace of life in China makes people don't have time to hang out with each other and make new friends. Increasing requirements at school, chores at home, difficult exams, later stressful work and pursuit of money. All these factors cause that teenagers in China experience serious problems in meeting potential partners. At the same time, women are becoming more independent of men, and often they are not just looking for partners.

Women can easily find "virtual partners" on WeChat, Taobao or websites of companies providing this type of service. People who reply to messages are actually young men, for whom it is often extra work.

I wonder how soon a similar trend will appear in Europe and also in Poland. Unfortunately, this seems only a matter of time.

Source: France24