Important declaration of the head of Netflix. Users will be delighted

netflix ads 0
NOT for ads.
Netflix is ​​constantly the most popular streaming platform, which has, however, been struggling with ever stronger competition for some time. The debut of Disney + had a negative impact on the profits of "reds" and it would seem that the company's management board will decide on a radical step, namely … the introduction of ads. Investors are increasingly pushing Netflix and arguing that a change in the business model would allow a significant increase in revenues.

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, however, does not intend to implement ads within the platform. He explains the decision by saying that "money from the advertising industry is only seemingly easy to get, especially in the face of the existence of giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook." The CEO also said words indirectly addressed to consumers:

"We have a much simpler business model that focuses on streaming and pleasing customers. We are focused on the happiness and safety of our users – the introduction of targeted advertising would force us to track subscribers more closely. "

But how is Netflix already following users ?! The platform collects information, including about what we are watching and when we stopped displaying the program. Without this, the main page of the service would be overwhelmed with things that do not necessarily match our tastes. Such a procedure is therefore necessary to keep consumers subscribed.

Reed Hastings regularly reminds you that Netflix will never enter ads. Let's hope that this position will be maintained for a long time.

Source: TechCrunch