"I'm looking for a woman who will fly with me to the moon" – original date using SpaceX technology

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Japanese billionaire in action.

The ideas of the richest people on our planet will never cease to amaze. The rich Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa announced that looking for a partner who would like to fly with him to Księży in 2023. The whole mission is to be organized and handled by Elon Muska – SpaceX. Thus, Americans want to take a milestone in space tourism, which in the coming years is to become a very popular and profitable business.

The Japanese billionaire encourages women in a very simple way. In his Twitter post he asks which of them would like to be a fair sex representative for the first time on the moon. Maezawa also adds a link that directs directly to the website created by Abema TV – the Japanese television responsible for streaming reality show programs. On this page you can again read that Maezawa is looking for a partner who must be someone "special".


Who is this somewhat eccentric entrepreneur? Yusaku Maezawa in 2019 sold his clothing company Zozo for $ 3.7 billion. A year earlier, Elon Musk announced that the eccentric Japanese would be the first passenger on the space trip. Two years ago, a huge amount was to be transferred to the SpaceX account as payment for the entire service, but its amount has not been disclosed in any way.

Maezawa in an interview with Abema TV claims that he decided to intentionally change and improve his life. The desire to go with a woman to the moon is to be dictated by a sense of loneliness and the need for love.

It is currently unclear whether Maezawa will only fly to the moon with her chosen one. Originally, eight other people were supposed to be in the SpaceX capsule – mainly artists and entrepreneurs.

We will know more details about this matter after January 17 this year.

I must admit that the idea itself sounds really … crazy.

Source: DT