IGTV button removed from Instagram application – "Hardly anyone used the function"

igtv koneic 1

Mozilla worked more effectively.

Developers periodically decide to remove features that are not very popular with the community. This is just the case on Instagram – the IGTV icon has disappeared from the mobile version of the platform. It turns out that hardly anyone "clicked" on it.

IGTV is a section containing longer videos posted by users. You can go to it in many ways – through the search section or via a dedicated application. An interesting option was also tap on the icon located at the top of the interface. Users began to notice that she is no longer there.

Facebook confirmed this change. The group of people using this way of switching to IGTV was too small to pay to keep the function in the service. However, it is difficult to say why hardly anyone used this option. Personally, I don't use IGTV because I'm not used to watching longer video content on Instagram. I have YouTube from this.

What's more, the creators do not yet have the opportunity to earn on IGTV, so finding valuable content there is really difficult. Who knows, maybe in the future it will be decided to close the title section?

Source: Engadget