If the information about the number of connectors in the new Xbox confirms, I will be disappointed

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The photo went to the web.

A photo has been added to the web to accurately depict what it will look like The back panel of the Xbox Series X from Microsoft. The photo is reliable because it has been verified by Brad Sams of Thurrot – a site specializing in topics related to Microsoft. As you can see in the picture, the console of the American manufacturer has a disc tray and an Xbox logo on the front panel.

On the back we can see two USB type A ports, both at least in standard 3.0 – based on SuperSpeed ​​markings used precisely with the said technology. To all this you can add an Ethernet port, HDMI port and S / PDIF port. The last of the "plugins" with the Xbox logo is probably used for nothing but power. If you are thinking about another, large and unusual port, then according to Brad Sams it is used for hardware diagnostics and will not be in the Xbox Series X console, which will eventually go to stores.


The rear part of the housing also has a special handle, which is to be used for quick removal of the equipment housing and access to the electronics underneath – this functionality will probably not be found in the store's version of the device. The ports that are shown in the photo in the leak are similar to those currently found in Microsoft consoles. This can be disappointing for people who expected that the American manufacturer's equipment would become another nice addition to home cinema. In this case Microsoft seems to be putting all its strength into games instead of developing additional multimedia features.

It's worth remembering that there are still a few months until the premiere of the Xbox Series X console. During this time, Microsoft can change many things so current leaks should be treated with a grain of salt.


The photo, which went to the network, however, was taken in good lighting and is not a graphic renderer.

Source: DT