I am enchanted. The Motorola Razr foldable is unique


Equipment other than all.

It took four years for Motorola engineers to develop a device whose Polish debut was announced today in Warsaw. Of course, I'm talking about a folding smartphone that raises considerable interest Motorola Razr. Today I had the opportunity to hold it in my hands – to fold it, fold it, check if the screen actually wrinkles at the bend point and learn a bit more about the philosophy accompanying the process of its creation.

Where to buy Motorola Razr and why is it so expensive?

To start with, information that many of you are most interested in: when will your smartphone go on sale, where can it be bought, and how much will it cost? So here I basically have one specific. The equipment will be available for sale only on the Orange network. The reason is quite trivial: this operator is the only one on our market that offers e-Sim cards that are supported by the smartphone in question. A representative of the "orange" operator said that the smartphone can also be purchased without a tariff plan. The debut date has not been clearly defined, but it will be this quarter of this year. Price? No official assurances have been given, but we can expect it amount exceeding usd 7,000.

2020-01-22 194552

The above amount will probably cause many negative emotions. Motorola's smartphone cannot be seen only through the prism of the device for everyday use. A buyer of equipment that is very limited in Poland pays really for developing a very advanced technology and becomes a buyer of a gadget that is a kind of manifesto. What manifesto you will ask.

Motorola Raz is a device that it deliberately wants to develop nostalgia. Almost everyone has heard of the iconic Moto Razr V3, which once broke sales records. Motorola tried to make the new Razr as faithful as possible to the original. The housings of both devices are really similar. The company managed to modernize the well-known concept by experimenting with various prototypes of devices that the public has never seen and will never see before. And, interestingly, the new Moto Razr makes a really good impression.

I felt, opened and closed. And you know what?

The Motorola Razr just might like it. Folded in hand, the device surprises with contact with quite a large mass. Interestingly, the dimensions of the equipment are compact and this fits easily in the palm of your hand and any pocket. The weight is due to the fact that the equipment when unfolded is quite large, but still … surprisingly handy.

The unfolded Motorola Razr seems much lighter than when it is closed. This is of course the result of different, better weight distribution. 6.2-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 is long but slim. Interestingly, the display does not actually show the bend that many skeptics feared – that I was at the forefront. He is gone.

2020-01-22 194637

They succeeded with this hinge

Motorola has created the first in the industry hinge without spaces. It is he who guarantees to perfectly match the two sides of the polymer screen to the closed housing. Indeed, after closing the housing, no gaps can be seen between the surfaces. Oh, you wouldn't want a grain of sand to fall in there. It could end tragically for the screen. However, valuable things need to be taken care of. The hinge works lightly, smoothly, and the smartphone can be opened and closed with one hand, just like it used to be.

It seemed to me that the screen did not open perfectly to 180 degrees, and for example 179.5 degrees, but it could only be an illusion. Still, it's not something that could irritate. Ba, it is not felt under the fingertip. It is important, however, that I was holding the pre-production model, not the sales model. Models that hit stores will be even more refined. To tell the truth, if I bought in a store and got the hands of a prototype that I used to deal with today, I would not have any reservations about it.

2020-01-22 194718

Motorola Razr is not for everyone, but how can you afford …

I held Motorola Razr in my hands and admit that I felt as if I had traveled back to the beginning of the century, but in a positive sense. The new Razr is in many ways the same as the old one, although its housing is now steel and the outer part is covered with damage-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3D.

The characteristic construction with two screens (the smaller one now helps with selfies and allows you to read notifications and text messages), or the characteristic "click" when closing the housing – allowing, for example, to end the connection – allowed me to remember the beginning of the 21st century. Thanks to such small flavors, I also realized how a colossal technological leap took place over two decades.

2020-01-22 194649

The price is not low, but if someone has the right resources and likes to commune with unusual things, they will be fully satisfied with having something that few will have.

An iPhone for usd 7299 will always be just another expensive iPhone that many, the new Motorola smartphone is a kind of an unusual experience. Every day Motorola Razr will have to be treated with due care – like a small work of art, which it undoubtedly is. There are people who pay thousands, tens and even hundreds of thousands of zlotys for watches. Why is a smartphone costing usd 7,000 still shocking anyone today?