Hykker X Range Pro mechanical keyboard for 99 usd in Biedronka. What does it offer?


Available from December 16.

Hykker accessories are very popular among customers, mainly due to the low price and availability in the Biedronka store network. In a few days, another interesting gadget will appear in the offer, this time for players.

Hykker X Range Pro is a mechanical keyboard, which is an inexpensive tool for conducting virtual games, as well as for work. It can be an interesting idea for a Christmas gift for both teenage and adult players.

What players will appreciate is the fact that every key has mechanical switch, thanks to which the user can be certain that it will work. In addition, it has a positive effect on improving the player's reaction speed. The buttons are made of hard, scratch-resistant plastic and mounted on a stable metal plate. Rubber protections on the bottom of the keyboard ensure its stability on most surfaces, including the desk top, and also prevent the device from moving.

Hykker X Range Pro mechanical keyboard

Thanks compact keyboard sizes it can be used successfully even on a small desk, and even then there is room for a large mouse pad. The connection between the computer and the keyboard is provided with a textile braided cable. Fold-out feet allow you to adjust the keyboard tilt to your preferences.

The device uses technology RGB LED colorful backlight, thanks to which, in addition to the usual backlight of the keys, you can also run the built-in effective modes of changing illumination – 10 different to choose from.

Hykker X Range Pro mechanical keyboard

The device has also been implemented fast multimedia service and enabling useful applications and options. Among them are: controlling players and multimedia applications (starting and pausing songs / movies, selecting the previous or next song / movie, adjusting the volume, muting the sounds), launching Windows Media Player, calculator, system search engine and the "Computer" folder.

Hykker X Range Pro

The Hykker X Range Pro mechanical keyboard will be available at a price of usd 99, in all Biedronka stores from December 16 to 29, 2019 or while supplies last. The equipment has already been sent to our editorial office, the review will appear on our website even before the store premiere.