Huawei smartphone themes are breaking popularity records – it doesn't surprise me at all

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Thousands of stylish themes, fonts and wallpapers.

Personalizing the appearance of the smartphone interface is one of the few methods to ensure that the equipment used on a daily basis does not provide us with the visual aspect. Changing the wallpaper, lock screen, changing icons, or changing the font are things that most people do periodically.

Sure, you can change the case – as long as you use it – but in general you have to pay for not so little money. Meanwhile, themes of really high quality are often made available for free – also those created by artists of the highest caliber.

The numbers don't lie

Huawei announced some time ago that via the Themes app included in the package Huawei Mobile Services, i.e. the ecosystem of tools pre-installed on the smartphones of this manufacturer, only in the first half of 2019 the inhabitants of Europe downloaded almost 61 million wallpapers and themes. Only Poles are responsible for 3.5 million downloads, which puts us in 7th place on the Old Continent.

In the application Huawei themes they host not only amateur works, but also those created by professional graphic designers and art creators.

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According to data cited by Huawei, the best artists earn up to 10,000 euros by publishing their motives. Does this mean that most of the themes on this platform are paid? On the contrary.

There are almost countless free news items in the Themes app every day. In this place you will find graphics referring to the greatest works of art, well-known films and series, motifs straight from space, as well as more mundane wonders of nature and architecture.

The popularity of Themes platform is growing at such a fast pace that they decide to promote it here cities and even entire countries. Until now Ireland and Slovenia have become popular thanks to Themes.

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Themes can be viewed by category (by style, colors and other criteria), but you can also take a shortcut and see what content most users download. In the first half of the year, Poles, like residents of other countries, downloaded the motives associated with the Game of Thrones, as well as photos presenting the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building. Classic images such as "Impression, Sunrise" by Monet and "Annunciation" by Da Vinci are still enjoying constant popularity. The app doesn't lack works of contemporary artists, just like Anna Strokes.

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My favorite themes

I like to set all kinds of space themes on my smartphone. These are created mostly for AMOLED displays that display black in the best way. From time to time I also set wallpapers that remind me of travels.

I am currently using, for example, the free Road theme, which reminds me of how much I like to get behind the wheel and drive somewhere into the unknown. It is hard to imagine how such a small thing as changing the wallpaper can positively affect the mood and stimulate the imagination.

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According to forecasts, by the end of this year over 120 million wallpapers will be downloaded through the Themes application, and Poles will be responsible for as many as 7 million of them. Huawei smartphones enjoy unflagging sympathy in our country and it seems that this year will be able to improve this result.

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I bet many of you use the Huawei smartphone, and yet you have not yet used the app I am talking about. If so, you should launch it as soon as possible and view its contents. Worth it.

The article was created in cooperation with Huawei