Huawei sells MateBook computers with the Linux version


Manufacturer's problems.

Huawei's problems began evenly when the US government blacklisted the manufacturer. The future of many products of the Chinese company is being questioned – on September 19 this year we will see smartphones from the Mate 30 series that can work under the control of a system other than Android. The company has so far been looking for alternative operating systems for its hardware. The latest news is that in terms of computers, Huawei decided to install Linux instead of Windows.

Currently, however, the case concerns only and exclusively the Chinese market and some models of MateBook computers. While in the case of smartphones and mobile devices in general, Huawei has any alternative, it can be much worse in the personal computer market. If the manufacturer is banned from accessing Windows, then he will also have to either develop his own software (which is not cost-effective) or use another system – in this case Linux.


The Linux distribution that was installed on MateBook computers is Deepin Linux. The described system variant is considered by the community to be one of the prettiest in the context of the graphical interface, however, it is associated with a lot of controversy. Deepin is mainly developed by one Chinese brand. Despite this, the distribution has a new cloud file synchronization feature and some other improvements.

For now, Huawei laptops with Linux installed seem to be limited to the Chinese market only. The case concerns such models as MateBook X Pro, MateBook 13 and MateBook 14. It is not known how the whole situation will go on and whether the Chinese giant will decide on a similar move in the context of its equipment available outside China.

We will have to wait a little more for more details.

Source: SlashGear