Huawei responds to US accusations: "it's a smokescreen"


Huawei's firm answer.

Huawei has decided to issue a statement in which it refers to US allegations that she has used backdoor networks around the world. The message sent to us by the Polish branch of Huawei is very extensive, so we decided to publish it in a separate entry. We include it in full below.

"According to information provided by Edward Snowden, the United States has secretly been gaining access to telecommunications networks around the world for a long time, spying on other countries. The Washington Post report this week, showing how the CIA has been using it for decades an encryption company to spy on other countries is additional evidence in this case.

US allegations against Huawei are nothing but a smokescreen and contradict logic in cyber security. Huawei has never obtained and will not secretly access telecommunications networks, moreover, the company does not have such capabilities. The Wall Street Journal is aware that the US government cannot provide any evidence to support its allegations, and yet decided to repeat the lies spread by US officials. This reflects the bias of The Wall Street Journal towards Huawei and undermines the credibility of this newspaper.

Huawei's role as a telecommunications service provider is to provide equipment compatible with 3GPP / ETSI standards, as is the case with any other provider. We are required to comply with industry standards for lawful interception of data, such as 3GPP TS 33.107 for 3G networks and TS 33.128 for 5G. These standards are the framework for Huawei's activities in this area.

The actual administration and use of interfaces for lawful data collection by law enforcement authorities is the sole responsibility of operators and regulators. The interfaces are always located in protected rooms on the operator's side and are operated by employees verified by the governments of the countries in which they operate. Operators have very strict rules for handling and maintaining these interfaces. Other than those mentioned, Huawei does not develop or produce any capture devices.

Huawei is a hardware supplier and in this role it is not possible to gain access to the customer network without their authorization. We cannot bypass operators and access control, or download data from their network without detection of such activities by firewalls or security systems. In fact, even The Wall Street Journal admits that US officials are unable to provide any specific details about so-called "backdoors."

Cyber ​​security and the protection of users' privacy are Huawei's highest priorities. US officials' comments completely ignore the huge investments and best practices of Huawei and operators in managing cyber security risk. We are outraged that the US government spares no effort to stigmatize Huawei in cyber security. Again, we urge the US government to reveal specific evidence instead of using the media to spread rumors when it accuses Huawei of violating the law. "