Huawei overtook Apple, becoming the second smartphone manufacturer in the world

2020-01-30 150233

American sanctions did not prevent.

The latest reports have appeared on the web Strategy Analytics and Counterpoint Research on the smartphone market in 2019. All indicates that Huawei overtook Apple, becoming the second smartphone manufacturer in the world. At the same time Samsung maintained its leadership position.

Such a good sale of Huawei devices may come as a surprise, especially considering the American sanctions imposed on the Chinese giant, which effectively limit its activities in many markets. The trade war and concerns about national security have led to a situation where US companies cannot cooperate with Huawei and provide them with their technologies.

Salvation for Huawei turned out to be internal market where the company has nearly 40% shares. According to Strategy Analytics, global sales of Huawei smartphones in 2019 reached a level 240.5 million pcs against 205.8 million units sold a year ago. This means that the company currently has 17% of the market mobile devices.

Strategy Analytics

Global deliveries of smartphones in millions / Photo. Strategy Analytics

Apple is ahead of Samsung

Although Samsung is still a leader globally, the data from the last quarter of 2019 give food for thought. It is estimated that the American giant delivered to customers in the hottest sales year of the year 70.7 million iPhones. Samsung's result was slightly worse (68.8 million), and Huawei came third (56 million). In the same period, Chinese also achieved significant growth Xiaomi selling 33 million smartphones (compared to 26 million in Q4 2018).

Good reception of the iPhone 11 and greater demand in Asia and North America have brought Apple back into shape. In 2019, 1.41 billion smartphones hit the market, a decrease of just 1% compared to the previous period. Analysts believe that the U.S. trade war with China and fear of coronavirus could be a career in market growth in 2020.