Huawei is not giving up on the smartphone market in Poland. It will introduce as many as 9 new models without Google services

2020-02-05 102157

Valid declaration.

Huawei announced yesterday that in the first half of 2020 it will launch on the market 9 new smartphone models at a starting price from 300 usd. The manufacturer announced intensive activities in the medium segment of the market and still an attractive offer in the premium segment.

In the face of US sanctions, it is no surprise that new smartphones will work based on Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and an original app store AppGallery. Huawei intends to focus on the intensive promotion of mid-range devices that will be offered at attractive prices.

– The average market segment has always been important for Huawei, we have a significant share in its construction in Poland, from it we began our presence and development. Our lite smartphones are very popular among consumers. This year, we want to focus on a large group of Polish customers who already know and appreciate our products – and there are over ten million of these people. We intend to fight for further market shares by introducing smartphones with parameters known from flagship products on the medium shelf and knowingly offering very attractive prices – said Jefferson Zhang, managing director of Huawei CBG Polska.

The manufacturer focuses on support

Customers who decide to buy new Huawei phones will receive a dedicated service offer. Application HiCare (Support), which can be found on Huawei mobile devices, will provide customers with a quick opportunity to find answers to potential questions and the necessary service support.

What's more, the free "door-to-door" service for all upcoming Huawei smartphone models is to increase the comfort of using the service, regardless of where you live. The manufacturer offers free pickup and later delivery of serviced devices to the address provided by the customer.

A wide range of mobile services

An important part of the 2020 strategy is the development of Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), i.e. Huawei's proprietary solution, which is the basis for the Huawei ecosystem, consisting of services such as Huawei AppGallery, Huawei Cloud, Themes and Browser.

Huawei also wants to offer users of new smartphones a list of pre-installed shortcuts to over 70 applications that will direct the user directly to the Huawei AppGallery application store. The owner of the new phone will choose which applications to install on its device.

Huawei AppGallery 5

AppGallery is growing

Huawei presented data showing the dynamic growth of its app store. The number of active AppGallery users at the end of 2019 was 1.05 million compared to 525,000 in mid-2019. At the same time, the number of active users of Huawei mobile services in Poland increased to 2.19 million at the end of December from 1.8 million at the end of June.

The increase in the number of Huawei ID registered users in Poland is also impressive – at the end of December there were 4.16 million compared to 3.34 million at the end of June.

Source: Huawei