Huawei breaks the 5G speed record. What data transfer has been achieved?


The result is impressive.

Huawei officially announced that the company managed to break the speed record associated with downloading data via a 5G network. For the whole procedure the brand used a radio frequency network around 6Ghz – this method offers greater range, but at the same time the equipment may lose data bandwidth. The record broken by Huawei was set in Zurich, Switzerland – the manufacturer was able to download data at 3.67 Gb / s.

This achievement has been made on many smartphones with 5G modems connected to operator network Sunrise. Huawei says that the speed record does not come from the laboratory environment – which is the most important thing in all this. The test was carried out on the C 100 MHz band using equipment supplied by a Chinese manufacturer. Earlier commercial tests performed on identical radio frequencies allowed operators to achieve speeds in the range from 1 to a maximum of 2 Gb / s. It goes on, however much faster than the internet, which is available in the home of an average Polish resident. Huawei also boasts that proprietary MU-MIMO technology allows a significant increase in 5G network capacity without the additional need for more energy.

The Balong 5000 modem used by the Chinese to connect to 5G networks is in a "paper" state reach speeds of up to 4.6 Gb / s. This type of result has not been registered yet, but it probably remains now only a matter of time. The record setting by Huawei is not accidental. The Global Mobile Boradband Forum conference will start in a few days in Switzerland, during which you will be able to see the latest solutions in the field of connectivity and the accompanying technology.

Of course, it is worth remembering that before we are able to achieve this type of speed on our smartphones during a regular walk around the city at least a few more years will pass.

Source: VentureBeat