However, the "Flawless" update of Windows 10 contains errors – it makes the Start menu useless

windows 10 bug

We have a solution for you.

There are no perfect things. Practice also shows that there are no perfect Windows updates. To a Microsoft release from October 10, in which the giant from Redmond assured of the absence of errors in the new update KB4517389, we approached with moderate optimism – just like many of you. After a few days, it turned out quite rightly.

Microsoft has confirmed that "Faultless" correction KB4517389 contains a bug that makes the Start Menu useless. For some users, clicking the icon in the menu causes an error message to appear or does not return any action at all. The Redmond giant in the support forum confirmed that the bug exists, but it will still have to be corrected.

"We are aware of this problem and estimate that we will be able to release the fix at the end of October", says Paul Sey from Microsoft.

Is there a way to temporarily fix the bug myself? Luckily it is. All you need to do is uninstall the cumulative fix number KB4517389. Unfortunately, this update also contains important security updates, so … the choice is yours. You can uninstall the update from the menu "Settings". "Update and security". "View update history". "Uninstall updates".

Source: Microsoft