However, the European Union will not ban face recognition technology

face recognition european union

Plot twist!

In mid-January, there were many suggestions that the European Union should introduce a 5-year ban on the use of facial identification technology in the community. Similar solutions already work effectively on a large scale in China, among others completely trivial issuesas well as really affecting the quality of life of the citizens of the Middle Kingdom. It seems that the European Commission has abandoned this idea and intends to introduce no restrictions.

The European Union is dropping the idea temporarily prohibiting community countries from using face recognition technology in public places. reuters reportsthat the amended proposal, which is part of the package of measures to address the challenges of using artificial intelligence, can be further improved. The Commission is currently awaiting feedback before presenting its final plan on 19 February. According to the latest proposals, the healthcare and transport sectors may be subject to special protection.

At the beginning of January, the US government presented its own regulatory guidelines for artificial intelligence. These were intended to limit excessive government interference. The Americans on this occasion called on Europe to avoid being too radical in this matter. Microsoft president Brad Smith said that the ban on using artificial intelligence for facial recognition is similar to using a cleaver instead of a scalpel to solve potential problems. These words supported, among others director of Alphabet, Google's parent company, Sundar Pichai.

Critics of the new technology are warningthat face recognition systems will significantly interfere with human rights, including the right to privacy. While the solution is to be used for effective law enforcement, it should be borne in mind that in regime countries it is an effective tool for the repression of their citizens.