How to work more efficiently? Microsoft's 4-day work week gives the answer

4 days work week

Because you have to work wisely, not fallen.

People working constantly and without rest are not effective in their actions – no one seems to have any doubts about this. Hardly any employer decides to take the risk and give it to their employees slightly more free timeto see if and how this will affect their productivity. Microsoft is a company that can definitely afford such experiments, as evidenced by a test carried out in Japan.

The Japanese department of the American corporation decided to establish a 4-day working week in Japan – a country famous for its high percentage workaholics. 2,300 employees for a month could enjoy a three-day weekend, and thus significantly less burden on their psyche related to employment. Effect? Amazing.

Microsoft informs that The August experiment translated into a 39.9% increase in employee productivity. In addition, the company experienced a 23.1% drop in electricity consumption and a 58.7% reduction in paper consumption. Not only did the shortened work dimension contribute to the changes, but also employee meetings shortened to a maximum of 30 minutes and increased pressure on remote conferences, which replaced business meetings.

As many as 92.1% of employees were delighted with the idea of ​​a 4-day working week. Due to such good results, Microsoft will conduct another experiment in one of the winter months. If the result is repeatable, the giant will certainly consider shortening the work week – hopefully while maintaining the current level of remuneration …;)

Source: CNBC