How to add to the electoral roll online? It's easy!

how to add to the electoral roll

You should know that.

On October 13, parliamentary elections will be held in Poland. Many people will stay on this day outside your place of residence (e.g. students), which only in theory will significantly impede voting. We have for you a simple method to be added to the voter list online – without the need to provide a rental contract or employment letter.

How to add to the list of voters in the place of residence?

You can easily sign up for the electoral roll online. All you have to do is go to the official government website, which allows it. It is located at this address. After visiting the site, click on the big button "Add yourself to the voter list".

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You will need to sign up this way Trusted Profile or E-proof personal with electronic layer.

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How to create a Trusted Profile?

This is a very simple task – you can handle it in a few, maybe a dozen or so minutes. Just use ours guide, in which we explain not only how, but also why it is worth doing.

If you already have PZ, great – go to the next step. After logging in you will be transferred to the Application for adding to the voter list. Here you will fill in the data about your citizenship, permanent residence and reason why you want to sign up for the voter list elsewhere. Most of you will be affected by the first of the reasons on the list.

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In the next step, simply enter the address where you will be temporarily staying on election day.

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After accepting this information, providing the address and signing the application with a Trusted Profile, you will receive an e-mail within a few days about joining the voter list in the place where you are.

Simple right?