How much space does the video recorded with smartphone in 8K take?

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You'd better have a memory card ready.

With the premiere of the new flagship smartphones from the Galaxy S20 series, users have been given the opportunity to record video in huge 8K resolution. Of course, the first question that comes to mind when looking at this functionality is: how much does this type of video take? Fortunately, we've already found out. Samsung informs that one minute of video recorded in resolution takes about 600 megabytes. The five-minute film will take respectively 3 gigabytes of space in the smartphone's memory. What is the conclusion from this? First of all, it's worth buying a micro SD card if you plan to use this option.

Interestingly, the amount of space occupied is not the only limit that has been imposed on Samsung's new flagship smartphone. The producer decided on a specific value of time for which it will be possible to record video in 8K. In this case it is to be mentioned five minutes. As reported by the SamMobile website, 8K video has 24 frames per second. This cannot be changed in any way. Unfortunately, the new Samsung flagships do not offer video stabilization in huge resolution recording mode.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is available in a maximum capacity of 512 GB – the device supports memory cards up to 1 TB. Storing high definition movies shouldn't pose any major problems for anyone. It should be enough for tens of hours of material in 8K. The only question is … where to recreate it all?

Samsung claims that when recording video in 8K you can use the option taking photos in 33 megapixels, which should translate into further useful possibilities of the smartphone itself.

Is video in 8K recorded on a smartphone currently needed by anyone? Rather, at the moment form hypertrophy over content, especially without image stabilization. However, we will have to wait for the first amateur and more professional samples.

Source: SamMobile