How much does it cost to replace the display on a Samsung foldable smartphone? Huge money


Koreans are entering the level of Apple.

Samsung Galaxy Fold will officially go on sale in Poland – a few hours ago we saw this device and we could spend a few moments with it. Information on how much exactly you will have to pay to replace the display in the new flagship of the Korean manufacturer has been released into the network. Admittedly, Samsung has officially entered the Apple price level in the context of repairing its smartphones. So how much will you have to lay out if the folded screen is damaged?

Samsung has created the Galaxy Fold design so that the entire smartphone design is more durable than before. The manufacturer has revealed that the cost of replacing a damaged display will cost the user $ 599. Calculated in zlotys, this is currently the case about 2350 zlotys. That's a quarter of the price of the entire flagship. For comparison, Apple will pay exactly the same amount for replacing the damaged one, rear panel on 11 Pro Max and XS Max smartphones.

It is known that not everyone who buys Galaxy Fold will need to replace the display, but the price imposed by Samsung may actually scare some customers away from buying this equipment. The manufacturer has anticipated this type of situation and if you purchase Galaxy Fold by the end of this year, replace the screen it will cost just $ 149 – it's a big difference in price. A few days ago, the editors of CNET conducted live streaming. A special machine was responsible for folding and unfolding the Samsung Galaxy Fold – all this to check, how exactly this smartphone will behave after several thousand layouts. The video of the whole action can be seen below.

What do you think about this price for replacing the display? Is it justified in your opinion? You have to remember that Samsung Galaxy Fold is subject to a huge tax on new products.

This type of smartphone is not offered by any competitor (at least not in official sales).

Source: Gizmochina