How much does Epic Games pay for exclusive gaming? We know how much they paid for Control


Here's how much and on what terms Epic Games pays.

Epic Games does everything to buy into the favors of players and spends a lot of money on these activities. Suffice to say that players are still there they can pick up as many as six refined Batman games for free, and in just 3 days they will be able to assign Metro 2033 Redux to their library for free. The new digital distribution platform sparked a huge wave of hatred during its premiere – mainly due to exclusive titles, which players think "stole" Steam. We just learned how much one of the newest exclusive Epic Games Store – Control costs.

Epic Games paid 9.49 million euros (about $ 10.45 million) for Remedy and 505 Games to decide to place Control only on the Epic Games platform. Information on this subject appears in the quarterly financial report of Digital Bros, the owner of the entities mentioned. Epic Games representative declined to comment. Despite this, thanks to the Gumberland studio we probably know the essentials details about the contract.

In August, representatives of the Gumberland studio, the developer of Ooblets, published a post on the company blog in which they translated what Epic really pays for. We learned then that the amount is equivalent to the minimum earnings guaranteed by Epic Games from the sale of the game, which are paid "in advance", and which are to be the equivalent of money that the company could potentially earn by selling its title on all platforms, if it was not exclusive.

This means that no extra money is paid to the game developer until the revenues from sales reach the amount specified in the contract. 100% of sales revenue is collected by Epic during this time. At this point, it's easy to count what sales Control needs to achieve so that the creators earn something "Extra".

Epic Games charges 12% commission on the sale of each copy of the game. Control price is $ 60. By selling approximately 200,000 copies, the contract will reach the amount of 10.45 million. Is it possible? Time will tell – the game is extremely interesting and is certainly one of the best sci-fi thrillers of recent years.

It looks like Epic Games is fairly honest and does not spend money thoughtlessly. Of course, it is only up to the players whether the platform will not lose on any such agreement – game developers will come out "on their own".

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Source: Digital bros. Ooblets