How do you ignore a friend on Messenger? It's getting simpler


The function also goes to the app from the Microsoft Store.

Facebook gives Internet users quite a lot of options in terms of limiting contact with friends and annoying, miserable or aggressive people. The most "drastic" form of punishing someone for inelegant behavior is to add that person to the block list and remove them from their friends. However, what to do when we want to keep a person on the list of our contacts, and at the same time we do not want to see messages from them? There are two options.

How do you mute messaging notifications on Messenger?

The easiest way to peace of mind is to mute conversations with a specific Facebook user. Thanks to this operation you will stop receiving sound notifications about new messages from a given thread. Facebook will also not display notifications about unread content from a friend in the form of a number on the top bar next to the Messenger icon. I mean this icon:

ignoring messenger 0

You will learn about messages from a muted conversation only if you enter the messenger inbox or go directly to the conversation.

Attention: Muting a conversation with a given interlocutor on a smartphone also silences it on a mobile device – and vice versa.

In a web browser you can mute the conversation by clicking on the gear icon in the conversation window and then selecting the option "Mute conversation". Now you can decide whether it should be time mute or permanent, until it is manually turned off.

ignoring messenger 1
ignoring messenger 2

To do the same on your smartphone, go to your inbox and hold your finger on the caller you want to mute. After a moment a menu will be displayed, from which you should tap on the bell icon. Now it will be enough to specify the mute time and voila – it works.

ignoring messenger 3

How do I ignore messages on Messenger?

For some time there has been an even more effective way to limit contact on Messenger. Option "Ignore messages" will not only cause you not to receive a direct message from another user, but also the conversation will be moved from the Inbox to the folder "Other". Messages will be displayed here until you accept the "Join request" for the ignorer's conversation.

The conversation in the browser is ignored as follows:

ignoring messenger 4
ignoring messenger 5

Ignoring in the mobile application comes down to selecting the icon "hamburger menu" (three horizontal dashes) after holding your finger on the selected contact in the Inbox and then selecting "Ignore messages".

ignoring messenger 3
mute facebook

From now on you will read the messages in the folder "Other". The question arises …

Where is the Others folder in Messenger?

Getting to it in a web browser is very easy. All you have to do is click the gear icon in the Inbox and select the option "Other". Alternatively, in the shortcut bar at the top of the screen, next to the notification icon, find the Messenger icon, click on it and select the inscription "Other" located right next to the main view "Recent".

On the mobile app, the other folder is stitched in a somewhat less obvious location. You can go to it by clicking on your profile picture (in the upper left of the screen) in the main Inbox view and selecting the option from the list "Other", located just below the slider activating Dark Mode.

other messenger folder

Ignoring messages also in the Messenger desktop application from the Microsoft Store

Mute and ignore options are available on the browser and mobile versions of Facebook and Messenger. The ignore function has also appeared in some Messenger (Beta) users in the desktop edition from the Microsoft Store. This option will debut in the stable release of the Messenger application version 350.3.122.0.

Will a person ignored or muted on Messenger receive a notification?

No. You can be calm about that. Your interlocutor will never know that the conversation with him has been muted or ignored.

You will ask why would you mute or ignore messages from someone you know? It is very simple and does not have to be associated with inelegant behavior. Perhaps one of your loved ones divides each of your statements into several messages, which causes an avalanche of audio messages? Or maybe you just don't feel like talking to a person for a few days, just like that, and someone can't respect it? It is because of such situations that Facebook gives users the tools mentioned above. Do not hesitate, take advantage.