Here is the least linear game in the world. It is made of artificial intelligence


Meet the AI ​​Dungeon 2.

What if the games took full advantage of the possibilities of artificial intelligence? Were they not only using it to control the actions of the characters that come into contact with the player's hero, computer units of opponents (in strategy games or shooters) or commenting on events (most often in sports games), but also to create a story? Can you imagine this open world? Full of endless possibilities? Now you can feel a substitute for this vision on your own skin in the game AI Dungeon 2.

AI Dungeon 2 is an adventure text game. As is the case with such games, you won't see a single picture in it. The text is something that reigns here. Compared to other titles of this type, AI Dungeon 2 is distinguished by the fact that the player can basically do whatever he wants. Oldschool text adventures allowed players only to take the paths proposed by the creators and perform few actions, and their plot was rather linear. Due to artificial intelligence, AI Dungeon 2 is definitely the opposite of linear game.

The author of AI Dungeon 2 is Nick Walton. Walton used the open source algorithm to generate the text, made available by OpenAI. Let us remind you that OpenAI is a non-profit organization founded, among others, by Elon Musk. It is devoted to research on artificial intelligence and its development.

Walton trained his artificial intelligence with the help of text games created by Internet users on the site Walton reportedly needed hundreds of hours to finish work on AI Dungeon 2, but he admitted it was "worth it".

"AI Dungeon 2 is a unique game.", we read in Walton's tweed. "Completely generated by the artificial intelligence, a text adventure that allows the player to perform such actions as he would think of."

To play AI Dungeon 2, you must go to this address. Then from the options available in the upper left corner select "Runtime" and from the pull-down menu "Run all". Then just wait a few minutes for the title to load in the browser.

At the beginning of the game, AI Dungeon 2 will ask you for scenario genre selection. The recommended genre is fantasy – probably because it has the best intelligence in it. In turn, this fact may be due to the fact that she was probably trained mainly with the help of fantasy games. Then decide which character you want to play and name her. Then artificial intelligence will generate a short introduction to the game, including, among others, a description of your hero or the place where he is. The further course of the game will depend on you, your imagination and the texts you enter in the game.

ai dungeon story

AI Dungeon 2 is not a perfect game. As people who have tried it write, this one from time to time can display an error, forcing to start playing again. Despite this, it offers a very pleasant and unique experience, and at the same time can amuse.

Source: AI Dungeon 2