orange pi

Here is the competition for Raspberry Pi. This small computer costs less than $ 15


The microcomputer frenzy for little money launched by the Raspberry Pi is at its best. Orange Pi Zero LTS is another interesting proposition for people who would like to build their own equipment based on a tiny device for around $ 10.

Orange Pi Zero LTS is a 52 x 46 mm microcomputer whose undoubted advantage is its very low price. The equipment will be available on AliExpress in two variants – the model with 256 MB RAM DDR3 costs about $ 10, while the variant with 512 MB RAM DDR3 costs just over $ 12. It’s really not much for such interesting equipment.

The device is based on SoC Allwinner H2 +, having four Cortex A7 cores clocked at 1.2 GHz. The ports include USB 2.0, microUSB with OTG support and a headphone connector, and the manufacturer has not forgotten about Wi-Fi support in the 802.11n standard.

You can not forget about the presence of a microSD card reader, as well as a special 13-pin expansion slot, on which we can simultaneously place two USB 2.0 ports, a microphone connector, headphone connector, TV output and an infrared port. The set also includes 26 holes matching the GPIO socket known from the Raspberry Pi.

The whole can work under the control of several operating systems – Android 7.0, Debian, OpenWrt or Ubuntu are listed among the supported OSs, and the appropriate distributions can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

It is worth remembering that in June the latest version of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer was released. It costs $ 35 and offers an improved processor, 4 USB ports and up to 4 GB of RAM.