Have you noticed a decline in YouTube subscription? Relax, it's supposed to be this way


Representatives of the portal calm down.

Some web developers may see a decrease in the number of subscriptions on their channels this week. Before complaining and complaints get rid of, it's a good idea to get interested in YouTube's official statement on the matter. Service representatives reassure the community and justify the situation.

As it turns out, YouTube has set itself the goal of cleaning up the accounts. What exactly does this mean? The platform will refresh the subscription counters by subtracting profiles voluntarily closed by users or those that YouTube has abolished due to policy violations. Service representatives explain that this is a routine process and is part of the team's necessary efforts to ensure "freedom from spam and abuse."

This type of purge is unlikely to affect the operation of millions of channels, but its effects can be felt by profile owners with less than a thousand subscriptions. Why? After exceeding 1,000 subscriptions, you can apply for membership in the YouTube Partner Program, and thus – the option of monetizing the published content.

A drop in subscriptions of up to 100 can do a lot of damage and slow down the development of smaller YouTubers. The platform, of course, claims that nothing like this will happen. It is worth watching the situation on your channels.

Source: TechCrunch