Have we just seen the UFO? No, it's just the idea of ​​Elon Musk

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Not this time.

Inhabitants of North American Montana began reporting visibility of strange lights in the sky, which according to observers were supposed to resemble a kind of invasion of … aliens. Finally, it turned out that it was nothing but constellation of Starlink satellites launched into space by the Elon Musk company. As a reminder: in May this year, the entrepreneur sent 60 orbits of this type into orbit, and more of them also hit the Earth's surface in November. The entire installation aims to provide internet to many regions of the world.

Sun reflecting satellites do not produce bright strings of light for the first time, which can be seen looking up. The whole project fuels the discussion about UFOs – especially by people who are unaware of the existence of the Starlink project and its possibilities. Residents of the American regions of Browning and Rocky Boy reported their concerns. One of the researchers from the University of Maryland also noted that Starlink could also be seen in Iowa, Illinois and Michigan.

A portion of the satellites launched in May 2019 caused similar controversy in Europe.

Starlink causes concern not only among average people. Scientists complain that satellites also appeared in images taken by astronomers at the Cerro Tololo Observatory in Chile. As the number of structures above our planet increases, astronomers may become more nervous – "cluttering" of space makes it difficult for them to observe other phenomena, such as the search for dark matter.

At the beginning of 2020, SpaceX intends to launch another 60 satellites belonging to the Starlink project. In the meantime, the International Astronomical Union called on scientists to work together to understand the effects of satellites on observations and research.

Elon Musk promised that his team would work to reduce the reflectance of each satellite.

Will this change anything? Not known

Source: Gizmodo