Great price! Mi Band 4 for less than usd 80

Mi Band 4 4
Another opportunity.
Special appear regularly on AliExpress coupons that lower the price any products with a certain amount. The latest promotion makes it iconic Mi Band 4 sports band, which works well during the daily measurement of physical activity, we will buy at a record low price – even for less than usd 80.

The fourth generation of the Xiaomi smart band has several key updates. The most important of them is the colorful and enlarged AMOLED screen, ensuring intuitive operation of the device. The 135mAh battery allows you to work for 20 days on a single charge. The band monitors your heart rate, sleep, as well as swimming or cycling. You will learn more about Mi Band 4 from our review.

Mi Band 4 price

Receive a coupon and buy cheaper

To take advantage of the offer, follow the steps below, but don't worry, shopping on AliExpress is nothing complicated.

1. Get a discount coupon on this page they click COLLECT NOW. After doing this, log in to the store account (if you do not have one, you must register). The coupon will be automatically assigned to the account.

2. Go to product page with Mi Band 4 band, choose the cheapest version (CN Standard Version) and shipping from China. Then click Buy now.

3. At the last stage of placing the order in the "Summary of order" section, the coupon will reduce the price of the product by usd 11.99. Finished 😉

This coupon can be used to lower the price of any product from the AliExpress store assortment, but there is one condition – its price must exceed USD 20, i.e. usd 79.92.

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