Great opportunity. PureVPN for a year for about 45 usd!

2019-11-03 203014

A solid VPN for less than a dollar a month.

VPN services are becoming increasingly popular not only because of the growing awareness of anonymity on the web, but also because of the desire to access services unavailable in a given geolocation.

Therefore, by using a VPN connection, we gain not only greater security, but also access to the desired services when we are, e.g. abroad. Of course, you can take advantage of free solutions like a VPN built into the Opera browser, but people expecting high-quality connections should look for the Premium service.

2019-11-03 203128

The service offers over 180 locations

Valued by users, PureVPN has made available a very attractive offer – we will pay for the annual access to the service only $ 11.88 i.e. less than usd 50. If you want to take advantage of the offer, just go to this address.

Of course, you should be aware that the next year of subscription will involve the payment of a full fee ($ 69.95). Therefore, you should remember to opt out of PureVPN at the right time and avoid a high annual fee.