Google's auto-complete will receive support for biometric data

Google Autofill 2

Something for "security" fans.

Surfing the web safely is becoming more and more difficult. Still, it's worth taking care of the basics, i.e. protecting your accounts with unique passwords. As the latest reports show, combinations of the type "123456" are still very popular. The auto-complete system from Google can help you get away from not-so-good habits.

At a time when every password had to be remembered – I really didn't want to combine and used one sequence of numbers and letters for almost every registration. The development of technology, however, relieves us, users, by offering password managers. These programs not only remember our "secret codes", but also themselves fill in the necessary information gaps in logging in. What more could you want?

Personally, I usually use the password manager built into Google Chrome and Android, because it is the most pleasant to use. That's why I'm glad that soon the system from the giant from Moutain View will be enriched with another level of security. I am talking about support for biometric data. What is it actually about?

Google Autofill 1

If you want to log in to the website or application, then you will need to scan your fingerprints or face to use Google AutoComplete. Of course, the whole process is to be voluntary and a special switch will appear in the options allowing you to opt out of additional security – this can be seen in the screenshot above.

The feature is not yet widely available and Google has not announced when it will be officially implemented. So be patient.

Source: 9to5google