Google will deal with annoying ads on video players

Google ads


Although a large part of Google’s revenue comes from advertising, the company has been fighting for these online ads today, which are particularly intrusive and annoying. Often this struggle is waged through the Chrome browser, which has already received many user-friendly updates. Now Google goes a step further by announcing further restrictions on displaying ads. Interestingly, these restrictions will even affect his own services.

starting from August 5 This year, websites will have to stop displaying three specific types of ads in video players. Otherwise, any ads will no longer be shown on Google Chrome on these pages. The new standards are based on the guidelines developed by Coalition for Better Ads.
Google ads
Coalition for Better Ads conducted a survey of 45,000 respondents. These studies have shown that most users are particularly annoyed with ads that can be turned off after five seconds, as well as those that appear during the video being watched and those that display in the form of an image or text on the background of the video and occupy more than 20% surface of the player or appear in its center.
Google ads
Just such ads as those mentioned above will have to disappear from websites in the next few months. One of these sites is YouTube, which Google surprisingly intends to adapt to new standards. This is really great news!
Google ads
At this time, YouTube is violating one or more of the announced standards by playing ads in the middle of user-watched videos. Therefore, it seems that soon the use of the platform will become a bit more pleasant.

Of course, Google does not make these changes to the rules of displaying ads completely selflessly. Yes, these changes will benefit consumers, but websites and corporations like Google will. Unless users are bombarded with annoying ads, there is a greater chance that they will eventually opt out of using ad blockers, at least for specific services.

Source: Chromium Blog