Google provides user data for good money – the more, the more expensive

Google sells data

Information is a valuable commodity.

It's no secret that Google works with US law enforcement agencies to share its users' data. Polish authorities are also asking Google, but their number is incomparably smaller. The Mountain View giant explains that due to the growing number of applications he had to introduce … fees.

The rates for Google user data vary

Information is nowadays the most valuable commodity and Google representatives are aware of this as hardly anyone. The company demands approximately $ 45 for providing basic data about the user of its services. This data is completely sufficient for the authorities to bring someone to court. Quite a lot for the basic "package", right?

At a price of $ 60, Google is able to provide user data that will allow US services to eavesdrop. Here, probably geolocation data are at stake, which will help to accurately track a person based on his daily activity.

By paying Google $ 245 you can buy a data package that can be safely called "All Inclusive". At this price, Google will collect evidence in the form of electronic correspondence and other information on the basis of which the relevant services will be able to issue a search warrant.

Everything happens in accordance with the law

It would seem that Google's practices are controversial. Perhaps they are, but only from the standpoint of morality and ethics. US law allows this. Google explains the rates by having to spend a lot of time organizing the necessary data. Due to the rapidly growing number of requests, the Internet giant delegates an increasing number of employees to these tasks. Only in the first half of 2019, Google received it 75,000 such requests from around the world, which concerned more than 165,000 different accounts.

Source: New York Times