google play

Google Play in the refreshed version already for all users


Google has redesigned the Play Store to make its interface comply with Material Design 2.0.

The first users got a new look of the application some time ago, but the whole process of its implementation took several months and has only ended now. For me, the new interface appeared just a few days ago.

Refreshed Google Play is more minimalist and standardized. The green backgrounds were replaced by white, and all the cards and separators that visually separated the individual elements from each section disappeared. Application icons are now inscribed in a square with rounded corners.

The developers have also made sure that the key elements of the interface are better exposed. The install / uninstall buttons are much larger, and the screenshots of the application have been moved to its description.

Google boasts that over two billion users use Google Play monthly. It is for this reason that refreshing the interface for all users took so much time.