Google Photos: The browser version of the service will receive an improved video editor

pictures editor 1

An interesting novelty.

Services in their browser versions are losing popularity. More and more users are choosing to use only mobile views of application data. It is no different in the case of Google Photos. The giant, however, does not forget to support desktop editing of the application – this will receive an improved video editor.

The ability to edit footage has been present for some time in Google Photos for Android and iOS. People using the browser version will soon receive similar news. For now, only a small handful of Internet users have access to it – therefore the function has a lot of restrictions.

photo editor

For now, only the option of trimming movies and changing the position of given fragments of material has been noticed. The final version of the function is to offer the option of adding filters or text overlays. It is not known exactly when Google will decide to implement the broadly described novelty, but it is possible that this will happen in the coming weeks.

Of course, Google's proposal will not replace any dedicated film processing program, but it may prove to be a great choice in an emergency. You will not need to open any applications to trim the selected clip – just a few clicks in Google Photos and you're done.

Source: Android Police