Google Pay will replace public transit cards. I can not wait!

g pay public transport card

Monthly ticket on your smartphone.

The possibilities of the Google Pay payment system are increasing in a highly desirable way. Initially, the revolution will bypass Poland, but it should be a matter of time for the new function to also hit Polish smartphones. It is about the option of paying for public transport as part of Google Payand even adding public transport cards to the application.

Cubic Transportation Systems is the first company to offer toll payments, which has just established cooperation with Google. The new payment system is not only to be convenient, but to reduce the costs associated with issuing and producing cards. Currently, London residents can already pay for public transport via Google, but this only applies to individual journeys. The innovation will consist in the possibility of paying time, monthly, quarterly or annual tickets. Popular soon "Oysterki" you can simply add it to the app.

Cubic Transportation Systems has not yet specified in which cities will the system be implemented first, but they will definitely be the largest cities in which the company operates – London, New York, Sydney, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. We are waiting for the first companies operating in Poland to establish similar cooperation with Google.

One physical card in the wallet less is always good news. In recent years, various companies have literally accused consumers of loyalty, payment and similar cards. The ability to assign various types of cards to your smartphone is a great convenience. This year, for example, I left my ID card at home and went to the elections with the mO Citizen application with the m Identity function attached. I live in a big city, and by voting before 9pm I was just the second (!) Person who identified himself in this way before the committee.

You can download the mO Citizen application via our file base. You will need a Trusted Profile to add various functions to it. You can put it on using it from our guide. Well worth it!

Source: Engadget