Google Maps: Changes are coming in the Local Guides system

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Interesting news.

Google Maps has proved to be a salutary service for me many times. It was thanks to her that I managed to avoid spending money in a poor place or even to find gastronomic pearls. Local Guides took part in the above-mentioned two situations, who will soon see interesting changes within the program.

The Google app has changed a lot over the past few years – both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. It has changed so much that now it is difficult to talk about Maps as a service useful only when checking the route from A to B.

The Local Guides program is intended to encourage users to leave reviews under given facilities more often. People distinguished by Google can collect points and advance in the ranking. Soon Local Guides will be able to become some sort of influencers. The Map Makers are testing the possibility of watching "internet users who know their stuff."

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A special section of Local Guides profiles will be created. The user, seeing an interesting opinion from the highlighted consumer, will be able to access his profile, observe him and track the premises and places he has visited. Everything is to be intuitive and encouraging to build wider communities using Google Maps.

I must admit that for Local Guides the new functionality can be really motivating. The time they spend writing reviews and taking photos will be rewarded in some ways. Regular users should also be pleased. For now, however, the smile will not appear on the faces of all of them because news are currently being tested in nine countries around the world – London, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Delhi, Osaka and Mexico.

Source: Android Police