Google has released 1000 high resolution satellite images. They are amazing

earth view google 2

Perfect for wallpaper.

Earth View is part of the Google Earth service that allows you to view thousands of satellite images in 4K resolution. The giant from Moutain View has just announced that the image library has the largest update in history – about 1000 shots from many parts of the Earth have been added to it.

How are the photos present in Earth View? A special team finds the most interesting and interesting views on Google Earth and makes them a bit more beautifying. Then they land into a special gallery available to every user. Such shots can be set even for wallpaper.

Interestingly, each photo has a globe icon with the name of the place where it was taken. When browsing graphics, you will probably think more than once: "damn, but this is our Earth." This is also the overall goal of the developers responsible for the project.

earth view google 1

According to Google Earth manager Gopal Shah: "I really hope that this fun little project – along with Google Earth – stimulates some to a deeper concern for this strange but also extremely beautiful planet."

So if you are hearing about Earth View for the first time, I really encourage you to familiarize yourself with at least part of the gallery – especially now that it has been significantly increased.

Source: The verge