Google has changed the look of search results. We know the reason

2020-01-19 110626

You will be pleased.

If you use Google search engine, you probably noticed this week the changes that have been made in the list of returned search results. From now on, each link looks a bit different – it is accompanied by a favicon (small "logo") of the site, and the path to the found publication was placed more clearly – above, and not under the title of the material. Google believes that this change will bring a lot of good to Internet users.

google new results

Representatives of the giant say that this step aims to present sources of information in a clearer way. The new method of displaying search results is to be a blow to fake news sites and promote large, widely recognized publishers. At a glance, you will see whether the link directs to popular websites or those that you would prefer to avoid.

What's more, paid links will now be more clearly marked in search results. If a given link is high in the search results only because it has been paid for, then instead of the icon of the source website there will be the "AD" icon (from advertisment).

"The refreshed format places the branding of a given site in the center of attention, helping Internet users to read where the information comes from more efficiently, easier to view the results of their queries and decide what content to read", informs Google. It is hard to disagree.

The changes are also a response to allegations directed at Google and its parent company, Alphabet, about the lack of proper steps taken in the fight against disinformation. The allegations have recently gained in strength as a result of the presidential election in the United States in 2020.

The new search view introduced on personal computers is probably already known to Android smartphone users, where it debuted much earlier.

Source: Google