Google: Every Android smartphone will have to have these two functions


What is it actually about?

Specialists from XDA-Developers have arrived at new Google documents that contain guidelines and requirements that smartphones wishing to use Android software on board must meet. Both things required by the American giant are relevant to users. If this information is confirmed, then new Android smartphones will have to have a USB Type-C connector with Power Delivery support and a Digital Wellbeing function that lets you see what, how and when we do it on your smartphone during the day.

The new requirements from Google would apply to all producers wishing to take advantage of Google Mobile Services – a package of services allowing, inter alia, to install the Play store on your smartphone. The matter, however, applies not only to new devices that are not on the market, but also to those that will receive Android 10 in 2019.

USB-C Power Delivery is an open standard for fast charging that appeared a few years ago on Pixel smartphones. Many producers intentionally avoided this standard and developed its own methods for quickly replenishing energy in mobile devices. There is nothing to complain about – medium and flagship devices load quickly, but Google would like to see this matter affect everyone. Most importantly: requirements for USB-C PD support they do not prohibit manufacturers from developing their own technologies translating into faster battery energy replenishment.


The second requirement is Digital Wellbeing – functionality introduced by the American manufacturer in Android. This option helps users to view how much time they spend on a mobile device, and also reduces the display of blue light when using a smartphone.

The future of Android smartphones promises to be promising.

Maybe we will finally see the moment when the micro USB connector will be forgotten.

Source: XDA