Google Chrome with a novelty that will appeal to many users


From the next browser release.

There are a lot of jokes around Google Chrome – the browser is often ridiculed infinite need for RAM. As much as we don't throw in, so much Chrome will eat. It turns out that Google knows about the whole problem and tries to solve it in all ways. The latest information reports that the engineers of the giant from Mountain View will introduce from the next version of the browser a feature that will appeal to many users: especially those with weaker devices with less memory. What is it actually about?

A new version of Google Chrome has appeared in the Canary channel that uses special card freezing mechanism. What does it mean? The American company has decided that in this way it will lead to a deliberate reduction in the demand for RAM and will release it. The novelty is to work from Google Chrome version 79 and will activate automatically when the card is not opened for about five minutes. It is currently unknown if the cards will be reloaded, but it is probably only about "Freezing" all scripts and animations.


Google Chrome documentation reveals that the giant will be it was freezing all elements relating to the http and https protocols. To use this option now you need to download the Chrome browser from the Canary channel and mark the appropriate flag. The specific option has been marked as "Proactive tab freeze" and you can find it by typing in the website address "Chrome: // flags / # proactive-tab-freeze."

American company did not specify exactly when Google Chrome version 79 would see the light of day. However, it can be expected that this will happen within the next month at the latest. There is nothing else to do but wait for the first situation in which you will be able to test the described function.

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Source: TechRadar