Google Chrome will finally deal with annoying notification requests

Chrome 80 notifications

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Just yesterday we informed you that an internet browser Mozilla Firefox has received update number 72, which introduced such desirable new features as the Picture-in-Picture mode for MacOS and Linux, further improvements in the built-in Enhanced Tracking Protection function, as well as changes in the issue of annoying pop-ups asking for notification notifications. These pop-ups have been replaced by balloons displayed in the address bar, which do not interfere with web browsing in any way. Now it appears that notifications about displaying notifications will soon take a less annoying form also in Google Chrome.

Google announced that a new, as the company specifies, a "quieter" form of pop-ups containing requests to display notifications will appear in Chrome 80. Initially, it will have to be turned on manually, but over time the company intends to activate it automatically in the browsers of people who they often block notifications and on pages where notification requests are rarely accepted.

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The new version of pop-ups is expected to appear in both the mobile and desktop versions of Chrome. How pop-ups are supposed to look like this after update? As you can see in the gif below, users will see speech bubbles for a moment "You usually block notifications. Click here to let the site send you notifications. "and then only the crossed out bell icon.

Google Chrome 80 is expected to appear in February this year. Tests in Beta, Dev and Canary are to be launched any day. So it looks like we won't have to wait too long for the update.

Source: Google