Google Chrome will be enriched with a QR code generator

chrome qr code 1

New content sharing option.

As it turns out, the browser is coming soon Google Chrome (in the version for Android and Windows) it will be enriched with a really interesting function – built-in QR code generator. The Canary version of the service noticed the flag "Enable sharing page via QR Code", after which the "Generate QR code associated with this page" option appears.

In the screenshot below we can see what the new product will look like in the future. The address bar will be enriched with the "QR Code" icon, which, when clicked, will generate a random layout of squares that can be placed on e.g. websites or posters. Currently, the function does not work yet, but in the future the QR code can be easily downloaded and shared.

chrome qr generator

It is not known when Google will decide to implement the tested generator. This may take some time. Who knows, maybe functionality will never debut in public – we have dealt with such situations many times. At the moment we are talking about an experiment at a very early stage of development.

Of curiosities – Google plans to make the popular "offline dinosaur" available as a QR code, which is a game that we can play in Chrome when we are not connected to the network.

Source: 9to5google