Google changes its search engine algorithms. What does he want to achieve in this way?


Not everyone will be happy.

Google has announced that it will soon change the appropriate algorithms that are associated with the information retrieval system. Where does this type of decision come from? The company will try to draw the user's attention to the original, valuable content that will appear higher in the search results. To do this, about 10,000 employees of the giant will give opinions on the content and thus trained the Google algorithm, which will later be able to work independently without any interruption.

Typically, in Google search after entering the appropriate phrase we can find the latest and the most comprehensive information about a given news or event. This time, however, the American giant will focus on properly highlighting articles that will be significant in the context of a given situation. This type of content is to remain visible longer in the right position that will attract most users. Unfortunately, the Mountain View giant did not share any criteria that will be taken into account when highlighting the content. Therefore, it is not known what rules must be followed by the articleto outrank your competition and appear higher in search results.


Indeed, in recent years, Google has been guided by the principle of the latest news, which meant that the source material, which was the first mention of a given situation was lost in a sea of ​​other articles. Assuming that an American company can deal with this type of precedent, the change itself can arouse a lot of controversy – especially among content publishers.

Google claims that it will take into account the reputation of each publisher and website during a review by the said 10,000 people. It is worth remembering, however, that stories that delve into the subject or are larger analyzes of a given situation often do not arise quickly. It might be a problem. It is not known how public opinion will be affected by the changes that Google is trying to push through.

Unfortunately, we have no influence on their existence.

Source: Google